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A Map of Destruction: A Primer On How Europeans Stole Native Lands, Suppressed Indigenous Culture And Committed Genocide Of Indigenous People.

This is a shocking map of the US’s history treachery and deceit in the treaties and dealings with the indigenous populationssince the US began its existence. What the map doesn’t show,

Distribution of language families and isolates...

Distribution of language families and isolates north of Mexico at first contact. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and would be equally revolting, would be a map of decimation of the populations of indigenous peoples and a map of the horrific suppression of indigenous languages and religions by US government schools and medical systems all with the intent of “mainstreaming” or, in the alternative, committing genocide upon the indigenous peoples by the sanctimonious people of the United States of America, both in the past and today. Such maps, taken with this one, would be so smeared with human gore, blood and entrails that civilized people would turn away. Yet the right-wing of the present day would have our educational system deny that this ever occurred.

And yet here are maps representing, without the graphics showing the decimation of the languages of the indigenous people, languages of indigenous people of North America

Early Indian Languages of the USA

Early Indian Languages of the USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and then the languages of indigenous people strictly within the borders of the present day borders of the United States. When taken in conjunction with the graphic map of the stolen lands of the indigenous peoples displayed in the Alternet graphic map, it doesn’t take a genius to decided that there would be a corresponding decimation of the languages of the indigenous people.

At the same time, one only need take a small leap of imagination to discern the horrific genocide worked upon indigenous populations be the United States. Consider

Cover of "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: ...

Cover via Amazon

only the vast territories of North America populated by the indigenous peoples producing such a variety of languages and then correlate that to the tiny population that the reservations displayed on the graphic Alternet map has the capability of sustaining and a horror story of blood and gore immediately jumps off maps at you. The stomach clenching book “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee” depicts just a single instance of massacre of indigenous populations by the people of the United States. And all in the name of Manifest Destiny, the justification for the western seizure and murder of the land and lives of indigenous people living there. The involuntary displacement and genocidal ethnic cleansing should any resistance be encountered, should be enough to cause all non-indigenous populations living in North America but the United States in particular, to cry out in shame and then walk with a hung head forever after discovering that information.

The litany of sewage that is the history of the United States and its serial broken treaties with its indigenous population, even after having stolen huge swaths of land at the start of making all the various treaties can be correlated, in large part, to the United States’ symbiotic relationship to those blood-sucking slugs known as Capitalism and Protestantism. Capitalism largely drove the initial appropriation of land from the indigenous people in that the United States population’s greed for the rich natural resources found on the land of indigenous people. Protestantism had long held sway as the unofficial designated “official” religion of the United States. Catholicism would be decades from having any real influence on US public policy (although unquestionably the Catholic Church drove the bloody usurpation of indigenous land and the suppression of indigenous cultures in Central and South America).

The rabid fundamentalist Protestants drive for seeking riches in natural resources in a Capitalist economic system that the indigenous people’s culture had no use for, led to the repeated lies to the indigenous peoples and their leaders and the breaking of solemn treaties on a serial basis. The indigenous peoples’ culture was grounded, if nothing else, in a respectful relationship with nature, all aspects of nature. Europeans, on the other hand, came from a culture valuing riches above all else. The inevitable clash in these 2 cultures came with devastating consequences for the indigenous peoples. The sophisticated means of killing that European culture demanded and therefore produced over-matched the defenses the indigenous peoples needed and therefore placed little priority of developing. The rest is a history normally not told in United States primary and secondary educational institutions. One must get to the collegiate level before one begins learning of the horrors of United States history, and then only for those with an interest in an open-minded pursuit of a liberal arts education. And bear a heavy heart and a sense of shame ever after.

A Map of Destruction: How Europeans Stole Native Land | Alternet.