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The Latest Outrage Against The Indigenous People Of Panamá | Desde Bonyic: Presión Popular Naso Logra Diálogo | Radio Temblor

Once again, the government of Ricardo Martinelli is trying to play 19th Century US and steal indigenous land. The indigenous people, who used to hold ALL this land and had it stolen from them by the Spanish Conquistadors and the Catholic Church, finally won back autonomous areas called “comarcas”. Does anyone think that the rabbiblancos would keep their word or hold to a part of a constitutional provision providing for these or the laws creating these? Yeah, right!

And what rape do the rabbiblancos want to commit now? They want to build a hydroelectric dam that will cut off the flow of the river that is the lifeblood of the tribe’s existence. What do they want this for? It won’t generate power needed by Panamá. It will sit there and generate power for no reason other than the builders of the dam can sell the “Green Credits” to companies around the world so that those companies can go on dumping foul material into our breathing air and not have to comply with universal clean air standards. In the meantime. the fish that are a major staple of the diet of the indigenous get chewed up in the hydroelectric turbines. The fish trying to get upriver to spawn are cut off from their spawning ground and begin dying out. Environmentally friendly? Not in this plane of reality.

But let us not raise Hell about this. The “King” of the tribes, a man who was installed in that position by the government of Ricardo Martinelli through massive government run voter fraud, voter intimidation and deliberate misrepresentation of polling times and locations, thinks this is a grand idea. Forget the fact that neither the government of Panamá nor the money-grubbing company that is stealing this land have not paid one dime for taking this land. This is for the “benefit” of the Naso people. Please God, don’t bring me any more benefits. I don’t think I could stand them.

Desde Bonyic: Presión popular naso logra diálogo | Radio Temblor.