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Panamá: Las Masacres de Martinelli

This is the side of Panamá‘s blooming dictator, Ricardo Martinelli, that the US State Department and the Obama Administration never wanted you to see. This is how Martinelli has behaved throughout his term in office. Now that his term is approaching its statutory end (2014), and Martinelli was called out on his plan to change the Constitution to allow him to run again in 2014 (he would have never been re-elected, despite what he thinks in his diseased mind), he has, with increasing momentum, taken more and more governance to himself and violated the Constitution by creating a prohibited Army/Navy/Air Force loyal only to him.

His recent attempt to sell the Colón Free Trade Zone to private investors led, as was expected, to a violent reaction from the people of Colón whose jobs were dependent upon the Free Trade Zone. The underlying, although constantly denied, reason for the sale was an attempt to secure funding to pay down the massive debt the Martinelli Administration has run up in its creating shoddy public projects to pay outrageous sums from the public treasury to his rabbiblanco friends. When called out on his idiocy by the people of Colón, Martinelli’s response was to send his thugs in and murder 9 people and injure scores more. He also had 20+ people arrested and held indefinitely without charges. When he was finally confronted about the people held without charge, he backed down and released them. This is the thug that the Obama Administration assured Congress and the US public would honor civil and human rights and respect the rule of law, if only Congress would authorize the Free Trade Agreement with Panamá. Nice, huh?

[Video] Panamá: Las Masacres de Martinelli.