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Ian’s Letter: “Dear Mr. President”

I am not the maudlin type, but I do have a soft spot for kids. Especially kids that had parents sent over to those stupid wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We have spent hundreds of billions of Dollars on the US credit card and pissed away money that should have been going to rebuild Ian’s school, rebuild the roads that Ian’s bus travels, develop renewable energy so that we don’t have to soil the beautifully clear air of Las Vegas that Ian breaths. The list goes on and on.

But worst of all are the kids like Ian whose father or mother came home in a flag draped coffin. Because George Walker Bush wanted to increase his family’s oil fortune. And Richard Cheney wanted to increase his oil fortune. To Hell with these children who will forever have a part of them cut away. Who will never feel whole because that person who was so important to them didn’t make it home from those two Hell-holes.

I do blame President Obama for those wars. He continued them far too long after taking office. What did it mean that we had to make sure that there was a stable government in Iraq. What did it mean that we had to chase the Taliban out of Afghanistan for the Afghan people. If the people of either country wanted a change bad enough, they could foment the change themselves. But we set Shiites against Sunnis and Shiites and Sunnis against the Kurds. In Afghanistan, we again fomented a civil war. We murdered innocents and laughed about it. Just as we had in Iraq. The United States Army, the United States Navy, the United States Air Force, The United States Marines, the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the United States Justice Department, the Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States and all their staffs were all guilty of war crimes.

First and foremost, the War against Iraq was an unjustified war, a war of aggression by a sovereign state against another sovereign state. Every service person and every agent in any capacity authorizing them to use lethal force is required to swear to the Unified Code of Military Justice. They are also expected to familiarize themselves with the basic terms of their obligations in conducting war. First of these is that they are not allowed to engage in a war of aggression; a war against a country that has done nothing against the country they are sworn to defend. Every single person who engaged in lethal combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and those of us who engaged in lethal combat in Vietnam we all engaged in war crimes.

But for all the Ian’s, those lucky children who will get to grow up without the incurable wound, for all of those, let us take a moment and thank God that their parent made it home alive Then take another moment to ask God to hold those children who have suffered that wound close to his heart and comfort them.