Happy May Day-International Labor Day-The Communist Day Marking The Triumph Of The Proletariat Over The Bourgeoisie

In honor of International Labor Day-The Communist Labor Day Marking The Triumph of the Proletariat Over The Bourgeoisie and the Super Rich of the Oligarchy and the Aristocracy, I have included a couple of recordings of the Internationale and the Soviet Internationale. Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels anticipated the triumph of Communism over Capitalism and in the Communist Manifesto wrote of how everything was vilified as being “that dark and evil and Satanic creature: Communism” when it had absolutely nothing to do with Communism. The fruition of his prophecy was given voice, perhaps best, in the horrific period of “McCarthyism” conducted by the drunken US Senator Joseph McCarthy from Wisconsin during the early 1950’s. Scores of people were branded with the label of “Communist” who had virtually no knowledge of how the economic system of Communism works. For that matter, the same people, and those persecuting them, had no idea of the underpinnings of the Capitalist economic system, either. Many of those people persecuted during the McCarthy period simply liked the idealism and communal goals that were explained to them at Communist Party meetings. Fortunately, the US Supreme Court subsequently ruled that people could not be persecuted or prosecuted for their political beliefs nor could they be denied employment because of their political beliefs. However, with the lackeys of the Capitalist moneyed elitists on the Supreme Court, and no indication that there will be any relief coming from that quarter, it will be up to the people to vote Congress and the President out so that we can achieve a Communist victory and have Capitalism destroyed once for all time.

I have also included the national anthems of the few true socialist countries left in the world as well as the former Soviet Union. The socialist republics that I know the best are in the Western Hemisphere, but there are a few in the Eastern Hemisphere that I know, also. The National Anthem of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is perhaps one of the most stirring national anthems ever. It ranks right up there with the German National Anthem and The Marseillaise. I have included a number of versions, but the most inspiring and the one that chokes me up every time is the Red Army Choir’s version. One of those that I included has English subtitles. Perhaps one day we can all celebrate an International Labor Day with the Internationale in all languages and a single Soviet National Anthem for a single world Communist government. May I live to see it as Marx and Engels envisioned it..


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